29 January 2006

The Hippest Country to Be Seen In Since Tibet


You got to respect a kingdom that measures happiness instead of/as an indicator of productivity. You got to respect a country that only allowed in about 9000 tourists last year. And you really got to respect the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Bhutan's like the newest, coolest nightclub to open in Manhatten and everybody who's anybody has got to get in. Mostly because if I get in, then I can rest assured that I really am better than everybody else.

My favorite proof that everyone must be having a grand ole time comes straight from the CIA's World Factbook. (i) Industries: cement, wood products, processed fruits, alcoholic beverages, calcium carbide; and (ii) Labor force: NA; note: massive lack of skilled labor. I'm farily certain there's a subtle relationship between at least one of their major industries and the lack of skilled labor. My kind of place.

Que Sera Sera

I found a regular trove of old CD's today. Many purchased or gifted, but most I burned in my wee youth of 4-5 years ago. Back when Napster was cool and I a freshman. When I'd spend the hours from midnight to six every night chatting away my life on AIM, downloading every seemingly fun song, audio clip, and stand-up routine, and drinking Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and rot-gut tequila. Mind you, this all occurred just before/as Red Bull imprinted itself upon my consumer conciousness. I have no real concept of how long it's been out there, but I never bought it before college.

Anyway, one of these discs I found has a rather embarrassing-to-admit, yet fun list of tracks that I just felt I had to share. I can't believe--well, I can believe I made it--I just can't believe I made it. So, as a testament to my past self, here's the lineup:

1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Judy Garland
2. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
3. Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs
4. Minnie the Moocher - Cab Calloway
5. It Don't Mean a Thing - Louis
6. Mack the Knife - Bobby Darin
7. Jump in the Line
8. Dream - Cranberries (it gets worse)
9. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
10. If I Only Had a Brain
11. Que Sera Sera - Doris Day
12. Caribbean Amphibian - Jimmy Buffet and Kermit
13. Twisting the Night Away - Rod Stewart
14. Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
15. Mandolin Wind - Rod Stewart
16. Ghost Riders in the Sky - Johnny Cash
17. Fire and Rain - James Taylor
18. Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
19. The Rainbow Connection - Kermit
20. Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World Medley - Isreali something

So as scary as this list may appear taken altogether, I really like each and every song on it. I mean most are no big deal. But I don't think I'd ever have called myself a big Rod Stewart fan. My mom's a Rod Stewart fan. Not me. Not me? Regardless of how it strikes me as not-so-much-what-I-often-listen-to, it's all great stuff that makes me feel happy and appear very gay. I mean, the Cranberries? But sure, everybody secretly loves the Cranberries so that's not even far beyond the left field line. And I totally make up for Judy Garland with Louis Armstrong or Dire Straits. Johnny Cash is always great. I'm fairly certain it's anathema for an American to not like him these days. But besides all that, he was pretty awesome.

First there were Elvis impersonators. Now we have Joaquin Phoenix.

09 January 2006

Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world.

The world... of the Knight Rider.

Knight Rider Hasselhoff

You are Knight Rider Hasselhoff. You kick ass, you're dead sexy, AND you are the proud owner (or perhaps life partner) of a talking black Trans-Am. What else could one ask for?

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

Of course I could have told anyone this without taking the quiz.

08 January 2006

Last Minute Beach Trip

I headed to the coast of South Carolina with Matt and Cara last tuesday. There we joined some of Matt's family. All in all it was fun trip. I must say I got tired of the "garden city" of Hilton Head Island real quick-like, but other than that the beach-air refreshed and a quick dip into the ocean rejuvenated.

I found a starfish one day. It scared me a bit when it arrived at my feet; it still lived at the time. We played around with long exposures at night with a light/prop.
my bolt sails true

One night we took a little road trip south to Savannah. It's amazing how great an actual city feels after spending a few days on Hilton Head. I didn't realize that the island was sucking my soul dry until after I left. If you go to Hilton Head, just stick to the beach and whatever condo/beachhouse you happen to stay in. Don't venture out into the city. Savannah is a very fun place to just walk around and look at old or urban stuff. Gaslights, container ships, cobblestone streets, spanish moss, a unique street grid, everyting else that's great.

I've Finally Finished Flickring Scotland

ben nevis: the summit
Here I am at the top of Ben Nevis.

03 January 2006

Top-10 Flicks of 2005

Though I'm not an expert, and not quite a film-lover, I am a movie-goer. Though last year I saw relatively few films at the cinema I feel a top-10 list is in order. In fact you might say that because I'm dealing with fewer flicks than normal I feel more capable of rating what I've seen. Without further ado I give you my...

...top picks:
10) Mr. and Mrs. Smith
9) Four Brothers
8) Aeon Flux
7) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
6) Sin City
5) March of the Penguins
4) Wedding Crashers
3) Syriana
2) Good Night, and Good Luck
1) Munich

I've also got to say that Revenge of the Sith should probably be #1. It's hands down the best of the new Episodes and I am that much of a Star Wars fan. But Star Wars doesn't count like every other movie, so I've left it off the top 10. Other new films of 2005 I managed to see and enjoyed more than the rest are...

...in no particular order:
War of the Worlds
Kung Fu Hustle
The Island
Batman Begins
The Brothers Grimm
The Ice Harvest

Just for the record I've not seen King Kong, the Chronic--WHAT--cles of Narnia left me feeling a little disappointed, and I saw Episode 3 no fewer than 4 times at the theatre--more than any other movie I've seen in the past 3-4 years--and enjoyed it more every time. I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but until I remember consider this baby definitive:)

Family Guy Still Makes Me Laugh

Be forewarned: It's posts like this one that make me think I might just be a wee crazy. Well, just what triggered it all. Not so much the post itself.

So, I'm watching a little late-night television and one itsy-bitty little line got me all nostalgic for my grandfather's banana pudding. I loved his banana pudding. As far as I know there was no great secret recipe, but I've never had a better banana pudding and I doubt I ever will. I eat banana pudding all the time. I love it. I normally can't get enough! But the meringue, the Nilla® wafers, and the pudding itself are never put together just right. Or one of the ingredients is off. Or all too often there's no meringue at all! That's the worst. I haven't tasted those little shortbread wafers in some time. I think I might have to purchase a box of Nilla wafers tomorrow.

I've not been hit with a bout of nostalgia that really made me think about the past in quite a long time. It was probably around the very beginning of 2004, after that New Year. Last year I was too busy cruising around on a big ship to stop and think about what times were like over the course of the year previous. I feel like I'm playing catch-up tonight. A lot's happened this last year. A lot happened the one before that. People coming and going, coming back and leaving again. I really can't wait (in a way) for the day when I realize that I've been spending time with basically the same group of people for years (i.e., a family, a job, and the friday night poker buddies) without all the emotional hassle of constant change. But right now I wouldn't trade the excitement and uncertainty of my future for true stability and the false feeling of security that probably comes with it. I'm enjoying the adventure. I guess it's good to stop every now and again and think about everyone and everything that's meant something to me and affected the course of my life. Right now, it's my grandfather att he top of the list. I've not stopped and thought about all the good times with him in far, far too long.

You know, mother, this could almost have passed for a palatable banana pudding, but without Nilla wafers it's just another one of your wretched culinary abortions. Now clean it up! - Stewie Griffin

02 January 2006

Photos From the Isle of Skye

this way to some strange ruin

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