03 January 2006

Family Guy Still Makes Me Laugh

Be forewarned: It's posts like this one that make me think I might just be a wee crazy. Well, just what triggered it all. Not so much the post itself.

So, I'm watching a little late-night television and one itsy-bitty little line got me all nostalgic for my grandfather's banana pudding. I loved his banana pudding. As far as I know there was no great secret recipe, but I've never had a better banana pudding and I doubt I ever will. I eat banana pudding all the time. I love it. I normally can't get enough! But the meringue, the Nilla® wafers, and the pudding itself are never put together just right. Or one of the ingredients is off. Or all too often there's no meringue at all! That's the worst. I haven't tasted those little shortbread wafers in some time. I think I might have to purchase a box of Nilla wafers tomorrow.

I've not been hit with a bout of nostalgia that really made me think about the past in quite a long time. It was probably around the very beginning of 2004, after that New Year. Last year I was too busy cruising around on a big ship to stop and think about what times were like over the course of the year previous. I feel like I'm playing catch-up tonight. A lot's happened this last year. A lot happened the one before that. People coming and going, coming back and leaving again. I really can't wait (in a way) for the day when I realize that I've been spending time with basically the same group of people for years (i.e., a family, a job, and the friday night poker buddies) without all the emotional hassle of constant change. But right now I wouldn't trade the excitement and uncertainty of my future for true stability and the false feeling of security that probably comes with it. I'm enjoying the adventure. I guess it's good to stop every now and again and think about everyone and everything that's meant something to me and affected the course of my life. Right now, it's my grandfather att he top of the list. I've not stopped and thought about all the good times with him in far, far too long.

You know, mother, this could almost have passed for a palatable banana pudding, but without Nilla wafers it's just another one of your wretched culinary abortions. Now clean it up! - Stewie Griffin
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