08 January 2006

Last Minute Beach Trip

I headed to the coast of South Carolina with Matt and Cara last tuesday. There we joined some of Matt's family. All in all it was fun trip. I must say I got tired of the "garden city" of Hilton Head Island real quick-like, but other than that the beach-air refreshed and a quick dip into the ocean rejuvenated.

I found a starfish one day. It scared me a bit when it arrived at my feet; it still lived at the time. We played around with long exposures at night with a light/prop.
my bolt sails true

One night we took a little road trip south to Savannah. It's amazing how great an actual city feels after spending a few days on Hilton Head. I didn't realize that the island was sucking my soul dry until after I left. If you go to Hilton Head, just stick to the beach and whatever condo/beachhouse you happen to stay in. Don't venture out into the city. Savannah is a very fun place to just walk around and look at old or urban stuff. Gaslights, container ships, cobblestone streets, spanish moss, a unique street grid, everyting else that's great.
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