11 April 2006


The stars:
their beauty and brightness dazzle from afar!
Alone at night I watch them.

We wink at 4+ lightyears;
39 trillion kilometers-
40 quadrillion simple steps
is nothing for us,
for one who burns as brightly as they.

We dance the dance of glance
and twinkle, twinkle and glance.
Dance the dance from dusk til dawn,
til we battle against our intense intents,
til we battle with our daily lives.
With sol's fury afire so close,
the more distant we grow.

The distance is blatent; our insignificance acute.

Yet no matter how far we get,
each evening we win some small reprieve.
From one twinkle, sometimes with the aid of Mars,
the tides turn!
Every night I rejoice to talk with the stars once more;
how I love them so!
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