05 February 2006

I Did Absolutely Nothing This Weekend

It was all I imagined and more! Really, the most important accomplishment to which I can lay claim is that I watched Battlestar Galactica.

Evening-Mike--much to morning-Mike's hatred--stayed up too late, drank too many champagne cocktails, and purchased way too much music on iTunes. This morning I awoke on a couch. In the distance I could hear the sweet stylings of Styx. On the coffee table stood a flute bearing something that smelled like juniper and wine. I mused for a bit on this new-fangled juniper wine. I'm pretty sure they don't make that anywhere. Where is this music coming from? Who is this singing "Come Sail Away" that is most definitely not Cartman? I have a couch?

ears: mr. roboto
eyes: cryptonomicon (still - it's a hell of a thing)
also: gin topped of with asti (who knew!)
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