11 July 2005

I'm Gonna Miss Those Guys

If you've never been to Michigan before (or even if you have!), go and be sure to check out Frankenmuth. It's this really fucking weird town in the middle of fucking nowhere. I absolutely adored it. Why is there a Bavarian [sort of] village between Flint and Saginaw? Why is it a tourist destination? I never thought another town could put Pigeon Forge to shame. I never thought any town could have a Christmas Village-esque mega-huge shopping mall/hotel/warehouse/indoor water park/etc. My only disappointment is that the wait-staff at Zehnder's didn't wear lederhosen.

"Why," you might ask, "were you in Frankenmuth, Michigan last monday?" Well, lucky reader, I shall enlighten you. The long and the short of it adds up like so: I convoyed (one moving van, three autos (two japanese), and one sailing boat) to Lansing assisting in the moving of two dear friends, Anna and Randy. I'm gonna miss those guys. As it happens, Randy has family dotted around Michigan. His grandparents live just outside of Frankenmuth. If not for those two events coinciding I probably would have lived out a long and happy life totally unaware that such a town as Frankenmuth--it's really fun to say aloud; give it a try--that such a place exists. My only regret is that I didn't have my camera on me that night.
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