14 June 2005

Who Made Heaven a Place on Earth?

The newest addition to the White family is now available online for your viewing pleasure! (Still reeeeeally cute.)

Tim is ditching his own server for a more portable system of blogs and such.

I jet-skied for the first time ever today. I only almost capsized the one time. I blame the gaggle of annoying waterfowl. And also the slightly submerged silo. It distracted like few things could. The way home proved to be a whirlwind site-seeing adventure!


Around midnight with approximately the third group of people in slightly more days I traveled through Alcoa, through Maryville, through Townsend. Tonight we went as tourists. Tonight I saw more fireflies. It's become an interesting experiment to see how drastically different the show can be. Figuring out why is far more perplexing.

ears: softcell - tainted love

eyes: the restaurant at the end of the universe

awesome mind candy: inappropriate airplane jokes: do they actually exist?
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