13 June 2005

Improbable Watercraft Antics... and MORE!

The week past was chock full of interesting goings-on. The least of which being that last thursday Scott and I took it upon ourselves to seek out those quirky synchronized fireflies once again. Last year's trek ended dismally with us running from a largish animal, purportedly a bear. No firefly viewing even really took place that day. Well, nearly 12 months later we attempted again. This time it was dark, really dark. We didn't even think to bring a light. But we talked loudly. We hummed and sang. We ran into no bears in the dark. We discovered these flashy bugs up in their happy little clearing. We enjoyed the light show for some time and left. Hardly the event we had last year, but far more sublime. The synchronized strobing mesmerizes and inpires a real sense of the mystic and unknown in the universe. It's not nearly as bawdy as our primitive human mating rituals.

Which reminds me...

Though it amazes... nay! Stupifies me to imagine creating new life, Andrea gave birth to a son, Aiden, on friday. Huge congradulations! She and John both beamed with glee the next day. Aiden is reeeeeeally cute. I can't believe I held a tiny not-even-a-day-old person!

simply reading: the restaurant at the end of the universe
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