07 April 2005

They Drank My Beer!

I don't know who drank the last of my beer, but I'll have you know that I was saving that for tasting every month for a few months. You could've at least asked. I only needed three more. You could have had one or even two. I could've gotten by with just two more! Well, whomever did it had better give me good notes on it's flavor, texture, etc. If I'm to take starting a microbrewery seriously (and I am) I should think I need to know how to make beer, how long it'll last, when it's reached it's best age, and so on. The nuances aren't nearly as complicated as they might be with a good merlot, but I still would like some first hand experience with what happens with beer. Just because I was in my bedroom didn't mean you couldn't ask. It meant the cooler, British The Office was playing far too loudly for me to hear my phone... Errrr, two months of waiting and I'm back to square one.

still escaping reality via: Snow Crash
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