29 April 2005

Oh My, Yes

Two quick items on ye olde agenda:
1. Somebody from fucking Adelaide checked out a teeny part of my blog because in a search for Matt Damon on some funny Austrailian engine my post about The Brothers Grimm was result number 11 or some such. Also, if you search for 'Matt Damon' + 'creamed my pants' then I'm result number one! I am now inextricably linked with Matt Damon.

2. Also, I think I'll link to the best photos I've seen from The Brother Grimm right here. No, here. Agh. Here. Most I've seen before, but the first shot, I don't know where that came from, but it's pretty great. I want to go to Praha...

prepping to watch: hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
whilst listening to: s'il vous plait as done by miles davis
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