29 April 2005

Neverending Story?

So, I guess it was two nights ago, though it feels like one hell of a long day, I found myself enjoying About a Boy with a lovable Hugh Grant and some fun tunes by Badly Drawn Boy. Well, today felt like a 'Hugh Grant a la About a Boy day'. I fell asleep (passed out, totally exhausted) last night at the wonderfully early hour of midnightish. I didn't wake until 4:30 this afternoon. I immediately spent one unit of time showering, spent 2 units at Oodles (during Sundown) whilst enjoyed Mac & Cheese and thouroughly enjoying a 2003 Pinot Noir, checked out Market Square for a unit, and then headed back to the Oodles wine bar. I think I was theree for 3 units of time. Awesome. It was awesome. Thw wine selection was ok. But the atmosphere and crowd was awesome. I spent no less than 20 minutges chatting with Mike Gibson, the movie guru (of the week at least: see the article on Kung Fu Hustle). I was well oin my way to drunk. He seemed aimable. We talked a great deal about Kurosawa. Also, he wasn't all that familiar with the ouevre of Stephen Chow (especially Shaolin Soccer (the best kung fu film. ever.)). Parenthesis gonw widl! Everybody ever needs to see Shaolin Soccer.

Plus all those individual glasses of varoius varietals added up. Though it is a scant 11 hours since I awoke, I feel as if I had a full day, way too much to drink, and then some. And really, that's totally that last cab sauv talking. I'm going to bed.
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