17 April 2005

It's weird that 5 days feels like a long time since I've posted. Once every 5 weeks used to be fine with me. Anywho, in the past week I've lost a car, felt (and still feel) like rubbish (a cold methinks), and NyQuil'd my life away. I've been out of both the social and academic loops! I have, on the plus side, slept a great great deal.

I also had the oppurtunity to spend a great deal of time with Tim, staying up late, chatting, playing JK2 and watching Stargate. We found some pictures from last summer that I didn't even know about and Tim was too drunk to really remember taking. Example:

john as bachelor

bachelor party

They're from John's bachelor party. A lot of craziness happened. It happened nearly a year ago so my memory is understandably not all that clear on the order of events...

And now it's more certain than ever before that upon my way-to-imminent matriculation from the very fine institution of UT, I will venture into the business world. Instead of the bar/microbrewery idea, now we're thinking liquor store to start off with. I already pretty much know how to own and operate one. Little risk involved! It's too soon for grad school, I don't really want a job, so how about a small liquor store venture! The reasoning do be sound.

spending my saturday night: drugged up, drinking Coors, and watching Bond films
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