22 March 2005

Who Ever Heard of Sociables?

Spring Break has [officially] sprung. It began with a weekend excursion to North Carolina. Ostensibly to visit Tim (be sure to read his rants), but also to drink heavily and play croquet with some of Scott's extended family and friends. The party was a blast; it was a wonderful spring day and the parts of Charlotte I frequented leave the impression that it's one of most beautiful cities I've been.

Tim met us in Charlotte to party with Scott S.'s family. I laugh at his joke! Be sure to notice the Champagne bottles scattered about.

Croquet in action. A game that's always worth a 6 hour drive, croquet provides reason to drink on a mild, early spring day.

We began with an overnight stay in the mountains. I forgot that drop camping can be a lot of fun. Really all it takes is a fire, hot dogs, 24 or so PBR tall boys, and enough whiskey to stay warm. John provided some quality comedic entertainment, once he had a few drinks and our antics really got rolling. My only regret is that we didn't have enough stuff to burn. This night marks the first of only sleeping for 4-5 hours. I awoke at the crack of first light, went hiking, watched the sunrise from atop a small mountain, and came back to camp well before anyone else got up.

The Scotts and I parted ways with John before we continued on our trek towards Charlotte. Once there though we immediately met up with Tim who arrived exactly as we did. I mingled, Champagned it up a notch or three, hobnobbed, played a spot of croquet, and wrote some refrigerator poetry before we took our leave and headed off to exotic Raleigh!

This night was spent at Tim and Katie's place. They showed us around to the extent that we ended up at a cool tavern, Mitch's. Apparently it appeared as a locale in Bull Durham. Since the Scotts and I had not seen it before and they had it, much later on that night I watched a movie about sports and sex... And I thought it was going to be a boring baseball flick! Tim Robbins is always awesome. This marks the second night of sleeping for approximately 5 hours.

Sunday we took our time brunching. Afterwards, we went to one of the larger wine store I've seen. Plus they could sell non-alcoholic things. Wine doesn't belong in liquor stores in NC. How novel! Tennessee always feels even more backwards when I return from anywhere else. We had wine and ate cheese and stayed at Tim's much later than we should have. No one was looking foward to a 6 hour drive. Eventually we left, made our way back to Knoxville, where I fed Torpe around midnight, before Scott, Matt, and I watched movies all night. Surprised around 5 that it was around 5, I went to bed. Marking the third night of sleeping about 4-5 hours.

This trip left me feeling like I'd never sleep in my bed again I think. I have a hard time sleeping a full 8 hours unless I do sleep in my own bed. Of course, my bed hasn't even felt like my bed since Sunday last. The week before Spring Break is always the worst, but it was especially terrible this year. So here's to 6 more days of doing almost nothing when I should be doing much more!
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