15 March 2005

This Morning's Distraction Brought to You By the Internet

By 'You' I mean 'me.'

And by 'Distraction' I mean 'well, hey, at least I'm not staring off into space...'

I did get out of bed (well before noon! gasp!). I did drag my ass all the way up that there hill over there. Ya know the one I mean. The one with academia perched atop. So now that I'm here, I of course climb up a few more interior stairs and begin studying. For the big test.

And by 'studying' I mean 'let's show Bob here that Star Wars III trailer that I think kicks ass.' Then the interneting begins! Yes, his name is really Bob. I'm not disguising anything for any innocents no matter how innocent Bob thinks he is.

The trailer proved difficult to download officially and I was too lazy to get it otherwise. Moviefone is suckin' it up all over the place this morning. But instead I discovered this lovely bit o' digital film: Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope. I do have to share it with all the peoples. I wish I had made this movie.

Geeky greatness it do be.
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