05 March 2005

This Is Vergon 6

I can *not* believe I just woke up. I fell asleep around an hour ago. I slept well. Now I'm perfectly sober, chipper, and suffice it to say, way way too awake. It's 5 in the friggin' morning! I'm not going to sleep any more tonight. I absolutely abhor this realization.

On the plus side, there's no way I'll miss the Car Talk Puzzler a little later on in the morning. I love those things. I rarely correctly figure them out. I think that's what I love about them. This week's is simple though. I knew it immediately, but only because I already knew it. No pondering required!

Earlier tonight I watched the trailer for Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I feel like this could be the best of all possible movie adaptations imaginable for the book, but I won't know how I feel about it until I see it I suppose. What I can glean from the trailer seems very big bugdet and more slapstick than quirky. But all I already know about how much Douglas Adams himself poured into the project and also about just how perfect Martin Freeman of 'The Office' fame is for his role, both make me feel more excited about this movie than any other in a long while. I'm almost, hell, I am giddy with anticipation! So to all the naysayers about ruining the wonderfulness that is Adams' book, I say even if the movie sucks it doesn't affect or tarnish the original story AND I don't think it'll suck. Disney has made a handful of fun sci-fi flicks. Let's not forget Flight of the Navigator after all!

Which somehow reminds me that I climbed the Cumberland Escarpment a little over a week ago. The 'Smoky Mountain' segment of the Cumberland trail or at least what's finished of it offers quite a challenge. The segment connects Cove Lake and Frozen Head State Parks. Cove Lake is at the bottom of the Cumberlands just inside the Valley. The first couple miles of the finished trail climbed a rugged and steep 2000(?) feet to the top of Cross Mountain. I think it's awesome that my retired forester grandfather suggested the hike. Even better, after we discovered that the finished trail has hardly been used (if at all) in the past 6 months or so (probably because it isn't a complete trail), he suggested that rather than perpetually losing the trail some more we just start walking down the mountain. And then we did. It was steep. I bruised, scraped, and cut myself repeatedly in an [almost] controlled fall down the mountainside. The 2.5 miles of trail that actually climbed the mountain reduced to a mere mile and a half on the way down. Fun fun. I hope the section to Frozenhead gets completed this summer...

How I do go on about the oddest assortment of topics. I really should try getting more sleep. I could complain about my sleep patterns, but I'm pretty sure I've done that before. Complaining never helps fix them anyway. However, something complaining should help fix, but doesn't seem to have any bearing on whatsoever, is my lack of remembering to send my netflix back. I need new ones! Every day this past week, I've said, 'Damn, I meant to return those netflix today. I'll remember to do it tomorrow.' And every day I forget until well after the post is closed for the day. I don't even walk to the nearest drop because I know I'll walk past it the next day. Why make a special trip when I can do it on my way later? I think I may do just such right now. A special brisk early morning walk might be just what I need.
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