16 March 2005

I Found the Lord in Myself on the Internet...

MichaelSewell.Com is for born-again Christians. Some, er, interesting stuff there.

MikeSewell.Com, on the other hand, is much more my style. This guy has a 'Nemesis List'; it doesn't get any hipper than that!
MikeSewell.Net has got a very cool dog photo. That's it.

MikeSewell.Co.Uk is easily the most boring of them all.

Anywho, that's all that I could quickly find. I sure did learn a lot about how Christian or how uber-almost-graphic-design-guy-cool I can potentially be. Well, most of the photos MikeSewell.Com has give the impression that he's way too into living the American Dream. But he sure does look like he's got himself an attractive wife, more than enough booze, and a couple pairs of good dancin' shoes. It might not be all that bad to go out there and get a job. Who knows: maybe I'll know more definitively in a few years?

Once again I find myself computing in the wee hours of the morning instead of studying. I did already re-read most of Huis Clos last night. And I've sort of started writing that paper about it. It's a real bloody shame I have to write the paper in French. It's a bit rusty.

It's one of those skills I need to work on and keep in shape every day. There was a time that I did practice French as well as writing English daily (dangling, gasp, modifier). I used to write at least two thousand words a day. It only lasted a semester but every aspect of my writing life greatly improved for the duration. I could write and write and while away an hour or so. And that would be that. A thousand+ words an hour on whatever the hell I felt like.

It's a practice Scott convinced me I should take back up. He sat there and listened as I convinced myself. He also had a couple of beers. I did too. A fantastic break in my routine it did be. I'm thinking I'll get the old writing routine down daily again as soon as I set some ground rules. It's how I kept it up for an entire semester! All those years ago, le sigh. Rule 1: writing in the morning is always easiest for me. I know it, yet hardly write until the wee hours of a long night. So, writing finishes before breakfast is allowed to begin. Now that's motivation. Rule 2: the work must be no less than about a thousand words. Guesstimate. No need for actual counting. Rule 3: focus on something at least kind of specific and stick with it. Rule 4: perhaps it's time to modernize and blog each day's ramblings, so I'll do that. And maybe then I can post more often than the people are accustomed.

I should also continue playing at least one game of chess each day. I feel like there's something else I'm forgetting about. Well, when I remember what it is, I intend to keep at it daily also. Wow, this is boring. I should be writing anything else. It's not like I've got stuff to do or anything. Sheeesh!

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