30 March 2005

Grim Days Ahead, I Do Hope

I found myself looking up Monica Belluci on imdb to confirm if in fact she played roles in The Matrix Reloaded, Brotherhood of the Wolf, and Passion of the Christ. Shortly after reading some articles about the Passion Redux (including pics) I happened to watch both of the other aforementioned films. She plays the hot-Papal-spy-prostitute-fembot in Brotherhood and Magdalen in Passion, so of course my interest had been picqued.

Point being I noticed she plays 'Queen Mirror' in this tiny already-completed, soon-to-come film, The Brothers Grimm directed by none other than Terry Gilliam, my favorite person of all time. Thusly, I creamed my pants.

I would have guessed he was done with the whole movie thing after the nightmare that must have been The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. After that failed I hadn't heard about any of his projects. Apparently I missed two, the Grimm one and another titled Tideland. I haven't looked up much on Tideland because The Brothers Grimm has captured my entire imagination. When I looked through the cast I, again, creamed my pants.

Heath Ledger and Matt Damon (he reminds me of a young Malcom McDowell (circa Caligula) in every production photo I found) are cool and all as the stars, but everybody else is better. Beginning with none other than Jonathon Pryce, my other favorite person of all time.

I suppose Brazil and the Adventures of Baron Munchausen come to mind first, but other movies I love him in include Carrington, Ronin, and Unconditional Love. Also, he takes the Bond villian to a megalomaniacal height unsurpassed in the franchise before or since Tomorrow Never Dies. I think I've written on this before...

But wait, there's more! The next name I noticed is none other than Mackenzie Crook, whom I immediately recognized as Gareth of The Office fame. Which reminds me, I'd take a bullet for Ricky Gervais. Nobody had better mess with him, even though he probably should go to hell.

Peter Stormare is name number three. The best part of Constantine, i.e. Satan, nihilist #1 opposite The Dude, and the go-to eye-guy of Minority Report, he livens up any film with wonderfully cynical if not villianous humor.

No trailer or website exists for The Brothers Grimm yet, but all I really found other than the imdb synopses states that the release date is slated for this July. The snippets and pics and premise sound and look incredible. The story can and probably will range throughout the Grimm folklore via Gilliam's wonderful, wicked, visual imagination. It's the most exciting news I've ever stumbled upon, ever. Ever. I just creamed my pants again for good measure.

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