19 November 2004

Thanksgiving huh?

I didn't even notice November happen. How is Thanksgiving a week away? The wonders of time will never ever cease to amaze my unworthy brain--all I ever 'see' are paradoxes, but time somehow works.

I was hoping to host a Cranium party this weekend, but there's still mud (mostly dirt now) in the kitchen. I'm pretty sure it'll never go away on it's own and I can't seem to clean it up very well. I got a one-by-one foot section fairly free of this freak accident whose cause will probably forever remain unknown. I can't believe it's been nearly three weeks since it happened and more importantly three weeks since the landlord hasn't called me back about it. I've left messages, detailed ones. What's the deal anyway?

Oh! Oh! The first night of sleep on my new bed was all I imagined it would be and more! I didn't wake up once until my alarm went off. I even had rather vivid, life-like dreams that I can still recall without any difficulty. It's odd, one of them was definitely in greyscale. I don't think I've ever dreamed in black and white before. At least that I remembered upon waking. I think I should start keeping a dream log. Perhaps I'll dub it 'mlog' for short. Pronounced 'muhlog' except the 'uh' is hardly there, the 'ml' should practically sound like one consonant. 'M-log' sounds too cheesy. Well, that ought to do 'er. No more news from this homefront.
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