19 November 2004

And Half a Day Later

Despite my best efforts to the contrary I've managed not to play on the internet for nearly twelve straight hours. The real downside to doing nothing last weekend and next to nothing most of this past week occurs late thursday night when one tallies up all the postponed problems and delayed work. I didn't think I'd make it through the heap of homework in time, yet I somehow pulled it off with over an hour and a half to spare. As the computer analyzes my final problem's data I write this very entry. Just waiting was getting to be a bore. I'd like to extend a big thanks to my friends coffee and Dr. Pepper for helping me through this tough time. Also, big props go out to Gus's and Petros (the one downtown) for feading fuel to my midnight fire and um, lunch. Oh look at that. I just have to save this, send it in, then I can go home, and take a nap. Wake me up if something cool is going down in a few hours.
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