28 October 2004

I Heart Jonathon Pryce

I have a flu or something like it. I've either been reading, writing, or watching movies all day today and most of yesterday. I flixed Carrington on the rumor that it was a good movie; I had no idea what it was about or who would be in it. I was surprised to see two of my favorite actors named in the opening credits. Jonathon Pryce was second-billed. I chuckled. When I saw him, rather, when I heard him a moment later--I didn't recognize him with that ridiculous beard he sports throughout the entire movie--I laughed aloud for a couple minutes. The beard was just that ridiculous. I think I first fell in love with him as Elliot Carver, one of the more original Bond villians in Tomorrow Never Dies. Then I watched one of my absolute favorite movies last year for the first time, Brazil. I can't describe enough how much I love this movie and how I often find absurd similarities between that movie and my life. Or between me and Sam Lowry, especially when I'm fever-dreaming. Anyway, love that guy.

Rufus Sewell is the other surprise actor in Carrington. Sure, sure, one might say that I think he's a really cool guy because we share a last name. But that's hardly why; they're are plenty of Sewells out there that I don't care for very much. Rufus just has a certain flair for being an ass that I really adore in A Knight's Tale (which I think is gernally underrated). He also did a great job as hero in Dark City, another of my absolute favorite movies. As for Carrington itself, I thought it was a great flick if not a little predictable at times (for instance the end is no surprise). Ok, I'm going to get back to watching movies and taking my meds. I also got Trainspotting, which for some reason I've never seen before. Let's see if I enjoy it as much as I think I will. Just thought you should know...
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