03 August 2004

News of the Weekend

It was weird. Which I guess is pretty normal. So all is well. Except my head. Through some not-very-interesting work-related events, I rode last thursday in a really stretched limo over to west Knoxville, which was fun for the conversation alone but was fairly hot. The food at Carraba's is still as good as ever. I love that place; they even have pretty good happy hour deals... I'd describe it in more detail but for some reason I'm kind of secretive in writing about what I eat. However, I will mention that I had an olive course between my salad and entree. It was pretty awesome. I need to do that more often. After that magnificent feast I had the pleasure of driving a go-cart for the first time EVER. I don't know how I went my whole life thus far without having done that hundreds of times. I have no way of describing just how much fun I had on a crappy course for only a handful of laps. It was awesome extreme to the max!!! The limo back to OR really sucked after the whole driving-a-go-cart experience.

And then I did what I normally do. I watched a movie. The Village. I've already said how much I liked it, and I'm still not going to accidentally give anything away. So much happened last thursday night. I can't believe that I couldn't stop thinking about how I woke up all weird-like and little else. I don't know what was wrong with me.

Over the course of the weekend I did what I do best and watched more movies. Mystic River was interesting. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is easily the silliest, most hilarious 'stupid movie' I've seen in a long time. It inspired me to go to Krystal but I thought better of it on the way there. After that it was Big Fish again. Come sunday I watched the new Manchurian Candidate. It updated really well. In fact, I think it was my favorite new movie of the weekend. Liev Schreiber was awesome. Last but not least I saw a film concerning two warring ballet-gangs in the mean streets of New York. Though there was no breakdance fighting, there were plenty of other types of dance fighting styles I never imagined possible. West Side Story has pirouetted it's way into my heart.

Oh, and somewhere between Big Fish and Manchurian Candidate I went to Kentucky on a whim with Andy. Danny and Micaela were there too. I'm not sure what we were thinking. In fact I'm pretty sure I wasn't. I blame Andy for the whole ordeal. We bought lottery tickets while we were there. Ya know, for old times sake. Coincidentally enough, I just read in today's paper how lottery sales are way down in Kentucky's counties that border Tennessee. I'm not the one to blame. I spent two bucks that night on Kentucky's lottery. Sadly, we never found White Castle. The guy in Wal-Mart gave bad directions. Plenty of Knight's Inns though. The signs look too much alike from a distance.
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