10 August 2004

News of Another Weekend

The 'rents skipped town last friday so I've been taking advantage of my very own furnished house. Parties: huzzah! I tried out some new scotch. I was on the winning Cranium team (yay!) I do wish Cara had been there to prove that we do have what it takes. I watched Love Actually for the umpteenth time. It was all so very productive. I worked a lot too, but I tend to forget those times pretty quickly.

Sunday I didn't have much on the agenda. Scott stayed over at my place the night before, so the afternoon was quite Melrose-ish. We woke up, started snacking on tortilla chips, and played some Bond--wearing nothing but boxers all the while! It was a great lazy afternoon. Then Matt came over. I felt underdressed (he was already fully clothed) so I put on some pants and then we ate more chips and played more Bond. I'm pretty sure that all in all we did that until almost 7.

And now Monday's passed me by while I worked. I'm feeling a cold coming on. To Scott's place! Rest and recuperation here I come! Plus, he still has my CivIII; I've been wanting to play that game all summer.
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