19 August 2004

Moving, i.e. New of the Weekend Issue 3

I've got a few minutes between classes. The 9:40 got out a bit early. I've missed Hodges Library all summer long. It's always a fun place to chill. So starting sometime last weekend (I can't remember when) I began packing up all my stuff. A lot of it was still packed which was nice. Since then I've made about half a dozen trips from OR to Knoxville and back. And there was that one to Clinton. Granted it might not have taken so many except that for two or three of them Matt and I were riding together so the moving would be more fun and less boring.

Now, I'm more or less settled into my new house on Highland. Well, I'm not really unpacked at all. But we've got a clean kitchen with a really nice cabinet full of glassware and cups. The biggest slow down now is that the semester snuck up on me and began yesterday morning. I didn't even have a full schedule until Teusday. The days themselves have been full of activity and individually felt quite long and exhausting, but now I feel like the week has flown by. It's almost another weekend!

Yesterday I got a cell phone. I know. I know. Ever since the first one all those years ago (has it really been 3 years!!!) I've been clamoring abut how much I don't really want one. But now I don't have a landline. And I do like having a phone of some sort. A cell phone was the easiest, cheapest option. I also made sure it was an older model. That way, I'm not giving in completely. I wouldn't mind one with a nice 'wow' value but it would be too much that I don't need. It's a bit of an inner conflict really. I'll work my way through it somehow.
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