06 August 2004

Jackass Mutha Fucka Dog Weasel Bridge

Thus was the beginning of the end for team Cachael. Our triumphant and totally boggling victory! Sadly it was but an insignificant battle. Bigger battles were yet to be lost. By the end our asses were served to us on a bronze platter. There's always a first time to lose Cranium by a two brain margin. Alas, it was never supposed to happen to me.

I can hardly blame Cara. I don't think it was my fault. So, I'm led to believe that the cards were stacked against us. Alcohol is never to blame. In fact it helps! Case in point: my impression of a bridge. Though confused with such things as "mutha fucka", my span was correctly named within the same breath!

I've had just over 24 hours to reflect upon the sad turn of events leading to my defeat. I won't make the same mistakes again. And I hope that, by now, I've run out of new ones to make.

Just watched: Collateral, i.e. a badass yet lovable Tom Cruise.
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