11 August 2004

Hiding = Fun

So I stayed chez Scott longer than anticipated. I'm definitely sick. I had a lot of tea and a lot of beer. That's kept me functioning well thus far. I got my CivIII kicks. I must've played for 8 or 9 hours. Awesome.

I also explored Knoxville for a good bit of yesterday evening. It was especially fun because I've been driving my mom's PT Cruiser around, and just driving that is a lot more fun than I previously imagined. It wasn't exploring so much as it was going with Scott to feed some animals and we walked/drove all around 4th and Gill. Found: one neat quasi-roundabout no bigger than the intersection it was placed in, one post-apocalyptic church spire, and one small ancient (not really) rose garden. They were all quite neat.
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