12 August 2004

Anna and Randy are back!

I totally forgot about Wednesday being Burger Night. Anna called (though she tricked me because she was using Cara's phone) and invited me to join her and a lot of my Elliot Circle friends at the good old Cumberland Grill. I was all stuffy and my head hurt so I feel like I didn't talk to her and Randy at all about their past 6 months in Argentina. I'll just have to talk to them more later.

I had much more Yerba Matte(sp?) as a very nice digestif. Ben had made some before, and that's when I first tried it. It's a great drink. I'd call it tea but it comes from another plant. While at Rannady's I did look through this book full of wonderful arial photos of Argentina, and Anna told me a lot about each place. Maybe I did get a better feel for there trip than I thought I did. Hmmmm... still I'll have to talk to them more later.

Oh, and while at Burger Night I learned about a Civilization board game going down at Jarad's to celebrate Chris Work's return. I dragged Matt along. The game was fun for a while. Alas, it was short-lived for a game of Civ.
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