06 July 2004

Man, do I suck at tennis...

My heterosexual life-partner is back in town. Resuming the zaniness took about 5 minutes. A couple of days ago Matt and I knocked some golfballs on to his family's own personal fairway. And just today John and Andrea showed us just how much we suck at tennis. The oddity is that never before have sporting activities been such a dense focus of the zany fun. Who knew I could sweat so much in a single long weekend?!

Even without Matt, there was extreme ping-pong, volleyball, and croquet. And let me tell you, croquet during a blistering summer day is hard work! I went through a lot of water yesterday afternoon.

Today, Ben bought me lunch. I'm not sure why exactly, but I forgot to thank him. Now I feel bad about it. It was good to see him, albeit briefly, before he headed back to Denver. This summer's railroad gig seems to be taking him to far-off, exotic locales: seedy steakhouses in the middle-of-nowhere, Nebraska! Sounded like a fabulously boring state, even if the steak is great.

As for my evening: I was sucked into work against my will. Accursed cinema keeps pulling me back in...grumble, grumble... On the plus side I made a lot more money tonight than I spent all weekend, a rarity in my accounts. I also watched a bit of Farenheit 9/11; I should really write a critique and send it to Moore. Being totally biased in his favor to begin with doesn't mean I think he created a perfect video essay. If I can point out as many flaws as I think I can, than any good Republican in Dubya's camp can/will rip the film apart. And any thinking(?) man who might be undecided on some things (yet still leaning towards voting for Bush) might be pushed by the crazy leftists towards Bushian lunacy. I don't want to see that happen. A cleverly written critique might allay some of my fears...hmmmmmmm...
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