19 July 2004

Lightning is the bestest

Hoorah for electricity. So nothing I wanted to accomplish yesterday worked out very well... I stood witness to a handful of beautiful strikes of lightning backed and fronted by a water soaked sky. But in the end it was wind that brought the power crashing down at home. Via a tree. No damage done to anything of mine. So I'm happy. I toiled at Tinseltown when it all happened. The flooded parking lot, the lightshow, and the occasional strike too close to the theatre made for some pretty exciting diversions. But the point is, amazing storm aside, that without power on the local grid I didn't get to do any webdesign. I watched 'I, Robot' instead. I love watching movies when I have low expectations. Recently at least, it's worked out really well (see: 'Dodgeball', 'Spiderman 2'). I really didn't expect much out of Will Smith, the whole style, and especially not out of the story. Most good books turned movie just don't do it for me. A few do, and 'I, Robot' is now amongst the upper echelon of the list. It rocked. That's all there is to it.

I also watched Dark City with my brother and his new roomies. Now that's an interesting little gem of a sci-fi movie I'd never heard of before the day before yesterday. Number one. Rufus Sewell stars. I can't get enough of that. There are little to no instances of my wonderful surname in the literal or proverbial top billed slot. If you don't know who Rufus Sewell is, he's the greasy evil lord in 'A Knight's Tale' that wants Heath's lady. Number two. Jennifer Connelly is hot. Number three. William Hurt and Keifer Sutherland are wonderful in their noir detective and mad scientist roles, respectively. I could go on, but I'm not :p
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