30 July 2004

It Ain't Easy Lady Stardust

I awoke, much to my amazement, in my bed this morning. An oddity it was. Not that I woke up in a bed, but that I was amazed by it. It didn't seem right. I had this feeling that there was no way I could have been in my bed, yet there I was. I've been chewing over that feeling all day. My best guess is that I was having an amazing dream, jerked awake (I did jerk awake; I'm not sure why), and was left with this strong residual sense of my dream space. Reality's space was shaped all wrong. It didn't fit my mind's idea of reality. Or something like that. The intense feeling, the amazement, it was fleeting of course. But it was just so weird, that I can't force my thoughts to stray towards anything else for long.

The two most successful distractions from my thoughts were Bowie and The Village. Bowie only works while I'm actively listening to it. So even his influence was short-lived today. The Village, it was amazing. It still has my attention. Easily my favorite of M. Night's. All of what critics would call flaws turn out to not really be flaws, if you think about it for awhile. No one had a great aversion to water. The homage-ish undertones or, rather, subtle references to some of my favorite short stories and The Giver, one of my favorite novels, gave me and still leave me with a sort of mental queasiness, a feeling of dystopic anguish that I just can't shake. The end, I love the end. I can't say why without giving anything cool away. Incredibly untraditional end for this sort of story. Of course it might just be me that loves this film. I, shortly after voicing my opinions, learned that many did in fact not like it, hated it, and thought it was just so-so. Jesse also liked it, just not as much as Signs. Whereas I think The Village takes the cake.

Oh, hell. Why not tell everyone what I'm currently watching!

Watching: Mystic River
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