07 July 2004

I'll be watching the Simpsons.

An oddity: today I didn't work past noon. Normally I don't wake up until noon. I've been soooo bored all day long. I've not even had family around to keep me company. The 'rents left for a rock concert with their friends. They said they'd be back late and not to wait up. It was all so surreal.

Max the Dog was fun though. We went for a glorified walk that was really more a hike. A trail along the ridge that this oh so wonderful town is named for is actually quite nice. Except for the mosquitos. How I loathe those creatures...grrrr. Other than that though, their were some neat creek crossings, some cool rock climbings, and even a doe right on the trail! I saw no bears, thank the maker.

So, if anybody reads this post tonight, and, uh, you know of a wonderful way to pass the time, then give me a ring on the old tele. I'll be watching the Simpsons.
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