19 July 2004

I *heart* Steve Carrell

Ok. I just read some great news. I'm beginning to believe that the American version of The Office won't suck. David Brent, the wonderfully 'not funny' boss's American counterpart will be Michael Scott. Played by none other than Steve Carrell (see: 'The Daily Show', 'Bruce Almighty', 'Anchorman'). The absolute funniest fake newsman alive. Anchorman's best moments were his.

I watched Season 1 of The Office last thursday. I'm trying to let all of those awkward silences settle out of me before I begin Season 2. I watched it all once before (a couple months ago), but it was always really late and I was drinking. Plus I can barely understand most of what these guys are saying. Needless to say, I don't remember the whole experience very well. Who knows: maybe I'll be up for it tonight?! Oh, and I think Newark would be a perfect Slough. There is an undeniable Slough-ness to the city.
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